Thursday, August 25, 2011

OTWC Challenge #58 WINNER!

Hello friends!!!
Sorry this post is late,
we finally signed final escrow papers
really late tonight so thats why! :)
Should be only a few days until I get to start ripping into
our new home renovations!!!

Back to our challenge though...
our lucky winner and the last winner of our challenges is....
Linda L!
Congrats Linda!!!!
Here is her sweet card :)

Please contact me for your prize!

Well guys, things will be getting pretty quiet
around here for a while.
It is so sad and has been so hard to think about,
but I truly appreciate all of your support!
You guys were so sweet
when I really needed it the most!

A few of you have asked that I share
my progress with you on the house so
I am going to be posting some before and after
pics of my remodeling and redecorating projects
in an album on my FB page.
Please feel free to add me and
check them out if you are interested! :)



  1. So happy the papers are all signed, and your ready to get messy with all your renovating/decorating! Wishing you the best, and I'll keep an eye on FB to see the progress! Have FUN! ;o)

  2. OH no! I thought I had until today to post my card! The linky is still open. Good luck with everything. Hope you come back when you can!

  3. As you can tell girls, I am out of it! I really thought yesterday was THURSDAY! Eek! I feel like a bonehead :) I am so sorry ladies! If you post a card today you can get free shipping on any order! Just remind me in the order and I will refund you!

  4. I never did get the chance to enter a challenge but I just always loved seeing what people had to share! :) Best wishes to you and your family! Take care.