Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hardest Post I've Ever Written

Hi friends!

I have been dreading this post more than anything
and wracking my brain to try to come up with
another solution, but it has all ended at the same conclusion.

I need to make some big changes in my life!

Here they are:
1. We will be no longer hosting challenges. :(

2. All of our current sets will remain in stock but
Wilson Designs Stamps won't be releasing any new sets,
 atleast for now.  

I know this is all going to come as a big surprise to you guys,
but so much has changed in my life since I started
the challenges and WD.

Without going too much into my personal life,
our house process is taking longer than expected
and we have a lot of renovations we want finished before moving in.
It is going to require a lot of time that I just dont have right now.  

 As a designer, I feel like sometimes
we have to put deadlines above family time
and I am not willing to make that choice anymore.
My family is the most important thing to me
and everything I do is for them!

I hope that you guys can understand where I am
coming from and I am looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you all for being so fabulous in our
challenges and also as customers!

A winner of the current challenge will still be drawn
but this will be our very last challenge, so hurry and get your entries in!

Big hugs!


  1. oh kim! i'm so sorry to hear that! i know what you're doing is for the best though! you'll get through this, and then wilson designs will be back on track and raking in the dough! good luck with everything! and thanks for being so kind, generous and wonderful! you're a fantastic designer! - Samantha M (

  2. MAJOR BUMMER and loss for us and the stamping community, but we love you Kim and you need to do what is best for YOU! So we will all tell you how much we love you and wish you the best and secretly pray you resume designing and production again once things are settled in your new dream home. BIG HUGS!!

  3. Kim, I am sorry to hear this as well! I know I have been too busy to play along lately but I have been following and reading along. I hope you make it through the storm and come back even stronger than before. We all wish you the best!

  4. So sorry to hear your news. But life happens, and I know that you are doing was is best for YOU! That is the most important thing!! Sending you lots of love and hugs, and wishing you all the best!!! ;o)

  5. Sometimes we have to stop and reassess. And often resume stronger because of it. Big hugs girl.

  6. I'm sorry to hear it- but I TOTALLY get it! I am having trouble even finding time to create- I can't imagine how hard it would be to do all that you've been doing! Good luck with all your projects- I'll miss your challenges & cute stamp sets!

  7. Kim I am so sorry you have to do this! Although I really do understand! Family really does come first! The kids grow up sooo fast! Good luck with the home renos! And I hope you are able to pick everything up when life settled down!

  8. I am so sorry you have to do this, but it's very brave! You should always put your family first! :) We'll still be around if something changes and you can come back. But until then, we will be rooting you on from the stands! You go girl!

  9. Sorry to hear it Kim, but you made the right decision. Best of luck, and thanks for the great fun you've given us.

  10. Kim, though I will miss participating in your challenges because they are fun, I am glad for you that you've made the decision to spend more time with your family! That is so important! Good luck in the future and when things calm down for you I hope to see more of your lovely creations! =)

  11. I'm so sorry to hear your news but I know it was not an easy decision to make. I hope the renovations go well and that you enjoy your time with your family. Sending you hugs!

  12. Kim--it must make you feel good to know that you will be sorely missed, and everyone wants what's best for you. Your designs are great, and you are too!

  13. Kim, I applaud your courage to write this post and the decision to put your family first. You will be missed, deeply......

  14. You have certainly made the correct choice, family must always come first! Hope to see you back when circumstances allow. Take care..

  15. Oh girl! I pray that you will find happiness and peace in your absolutely correct choice and just remember that we will all still be here for you when you are ready to come back! :D

  16. So sad to read this. Your designs are awesome, and I've loved your challenges. Totally understand --- Family 1st all the way!

  17. Sad news but we all need to reassess the direction life tries to take us sometimes. Thank you for the fun challenges...and hoping you have wonderful time with your family in your new project. xxxx

  18. Sorry to hear this, but family must come first Hope all goes well for you. I didn't always manage to join in, but enjoyed the challenges when I did x