Thursday, February 3, 2011

OTWC Challenge #44 and NEWS!

Hi friends!
Only a few more days until we start our Feb. release!
I dont know about you guys but I love this time of year!
Red and pink are my favorite colors,
so its always fun to see candy and decorations for Valentines Day!
I hope this lovely eye candy inspires you
to make something beautiful!
 I cant wait to see your entries!
Our colors this week are white, red and pink!
If you have WD Stamps please use them!
You will get an extra entry for each project entered!
(Please leave a comment reminding me that you used them)

Challenge will close at 10 pm PST on Feb 10th!
(Scroll all the way to the end of the post for the news)
As usual, the same rules apply! If you would like to enter you must become a follower of my blog, please post the inspiration photo with your entry and the link back here, if you dont do this your entry wont count, and please make something with as close to the challenge theme or colors as possible, I want to see that you tried! If it is something that doesnt go with the theme, the colors arent the same, the post is old or the link takes me to something totally different it wont count and will be deleted! You are allowed up to three entries per person and you are allowed to make ANYTHING as long as its in the same color scheme as the inspiration photo!

All of my challenges are chosen at random, it is far too hard for me to pick a winner so everyone has a fair chance!

Important info... I have a rule about international shipping since it has been quite expensive, I will pay a portion of shipping if the winner is international but the remainder is the responsibility of the winner. I am sorry to have to do that but weekly challenges can get expensive!

Here are my awesome DT's creations!



And... Our guest for this week...
Our lovely sponsor is....

One winner will recieve a variety of their wonderful stickers similar to the ones below!

Soon you guys will start seeing some changes around here !
Starting March 3rd,
we are going to be switching our challenges to bi-weekly.

Your thinking, bummer, right?
There is good news though, 
 it will give you more time to work on your entries!
Also, this way you can enter more cards in each contest!

 It will also give my DT and I more time our families! :)
I have made a New Years Resolution to spend more time with my
daughter and husband and not get so distracted by my duties here
so I made the decision to cut down and see if that helps!
I know it doesnt seem like much but my challenges are costly
and time consuming on top of everything else I am currently involved in!  
(I hope I dont upset anyone by slowing down to bi-weekly)

You might also notice we have a different linky,
I had to upgrade to the paid one unfortunantly!
Please let me know if you know of a good free one with thumbnails :)

Last but not least,
  using WD stamps will now get you an extra entry every week!
Dont forget to leave me a comment reminding me you used them!

Just a reminder...we compensate for publication!
We would love to see you published using our stamps
so please submit and let us know if you are picked up!
You will recieve $25 in credit to our store!

Well, I think thats it?

Cant wait to see your entries!!

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  1. bi-weekly is GREAT! Thank you so much for continuing the challenges!

  2. I actually prefer a bi-weekly challenge. It gives me a greater opportunity to schedule my time to actually participate in the challenges I enjoy. Once a week just flies by way to fast. As much as I love what you do here, nothing is more important than your family. Good for you for putting it first!

  3. Bi-weekly is GREAT Kim! I always want to participate, but have had a hard time doing so in each one as I think you are one of the bEST challenge blogs out there! So good for you for making that decision with your family and it will be great for us too! :)

  4. I love that you've moved this to bi-weekly! Often times I found that I just didn't have enough time to participate in your beautiful challenges. Great job Kim and design team, for thinking of your families first and still thinking of crafters out there. Kudos to you!

  5. Great challenge! Thank you! Pretty cards!

  6. Good for you, Kim. The time and memories created with your family are so much more important...and yes, blogging and challenges are huge time eaters. Love the bi-weely switch!

  7. Yay Kim! I love bi-weekly- it does let me participate more often and really, I am THRILLED to hear family is priority :) Hope life is going FABULOUSLY for you girl!

  8. Hi Kim, I came to add my card and it said the collection is closed, it's only 5:00pm?

  9. I'm not sure if you can add them later but this is my first entry

  10. and my second