Monday, June 6, 2011

Wilson Designs Stamps June Release Sneak Peek!!!

Hi friends!!
Its time for some fun!
Can you guess what these sets are?
The first sneak peek is a set inspired by our DT member Jaclyn Miller!
On another fun note,
joining us this month as a guest designer is the talented
Please visit her blog and welcome her! :)

Leave a comment here and on all of the DT member blogs
for the most chances to win these two sets!
Tune in Tues. at 9 am PST for our inspiration projects!
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  1. Hey!!! The first set, I think, is of a masculine set? Maybe for teens or something? And the second one just HAS to be for summer fun :) Can see the umbrella, the little hut roof, and is that a deck chair? That would be such a cute image!!!

  2. The first set is babies! I see a onesie and bib. The second set is Spring or Summer - I see an umbrella, the bow could be a swim suit halter top maybe?

  3. I'm going to guess the first set is a "boy theme" with a shirt and boombox. And the second is summer with an umbrella and other things I can not identify yet.
    Can't wait to see the whole sets!

  4. I think that the first set is a summer at home by the pool with the boom box, dog (bone), pool toys and tshirt. It is boyish maybe...
    The second one may be a shower theme (baby?) They look really cute!

  5. Babies and Sun and fun........ maybe :)

  6. LOL, the first set looks like a boom box, a tee shirt a bone (GASP!! DOG SET?!!) and a ...bib? The second one looks like an umbrella and a roof of a house? Hmmm... methinks babies are in the mix somehow - can't wait to see!! :D

  7. Hmm....boombox, umbrella, bathing suit? Tough this time.

  8. Awesome that there are two sets! I think they are both baby themed for some reason.

  9. I'll go with baby and beach/summer????

  10. Looks like a T-shirt, boom box, skull and crossbones on the first one (although I'm not sure what theme would be here!) and definitely an umbrella and maybe a bikini on the second? Can't wait to see the full sets!

  11. First set ... a bone, boombox, t-shirt/poloshirt, and a purse.
    Second set ... umbrella, crib, arrow, and bib

    Looks like lots of fun coming ... had to go w/anonymous ... google didn't like my sign in. ;(
    Ruza Rebel -

  12. Is the first one a teenager set? Boom box, skull and cross bones (but cute), a t shirt, and the round thing is something to play with at the park. The second set: crib, cute house, umbrella, sunsuit for baby?

  13. My guesses are an umbrella, bib, boom box, house, shirt and sofa. LOL This is fun!

  14. looks like a purse,teabag, umbrella,sprinkler??

  15. the first set seems all boy to me with the bone, boombox, and t-shirt. the second set appears to be baby related.