Friday, March 25, 2011

Introducing...Wilson Designs Vintage Button Collections!!!

Hi everyone!
I have something fun to share with you!
I have been hunting down the sweetest of spring buttons
  to put together these VINTAGE button collections!
Some are antique, some are more recent vintage, but ALL are adorable!

We will also be releasing button packs that are themed to our
upcoming stamp sets so keep watch for those!

You can check out our button packs  HERE in our Etsy store,
since some of these are OOAK buttons it makes it easier to manage!
Our packs are priced at $3.95 and only $1.50 shipping or free with the purchase of a stamp set!

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  1. This is an awesome addition to already awesome products! :-)


  3. I donated $15. I hope that I win! Is the gnome stamp set part of the prize? It was a little hard to see the stamp sets on my computer. I have been waiting for gnome stamps, but they are almost impossible to find!