Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Love Shopping!!!

Hey guys! I have a couple fun things to share with you!
First, if you arent already a member of GILT group, head over now for a $20 credit! If you invite ten friends you will also get free shipping which means $20 scott free!!! Otherwise, you can get something for $12 totally free! Anything over $12 you will have to pay the difference but still a great deal!
You can check that out HERE!

Second, these adorable kids backpacks! My favorite is the owl! My little one always wants to carry her own backpack but then she will get tired and I will end up carrying it! Atleast this one isnt as silly for me to carry as the princesses or other characters she has :) Isnt it sweet?
Happy Shopping!!!
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  1. That backpack is adorable...Am I the only one who hates shopping?