Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another free $20!!!

   I got these Where the Wild Things Are dolls for my little one and only paid $2!

Hi ladies! Wanted to share another good deal with you! If you click the link HERE and register for an account you should recieve a $20 credit to your account! It is supposed to be ending today but it worked for me so check it out! If you pick something for under $12 you get it COMPLETELY free because the shipping can be paid using the credit! Great deal huh? Either way, credit or not, this website is awesome, they have great prices on gifts, toys and designer products!
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  1. OMGOSH!!! I have those guys.. well i used to sleep with the monster.. and i had a puppet of max that i gave to my little cousin.. wow.. only $2 what a deal i paid like 8 for the monster and 16 or so for max.. but max was pretty big. wow.. :) I LOVE where the wild things are.. its my fave book thanks for sharing!