Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yet Another Furniture Wish List... and $20 free!!!

Hello everyone!!!
It is time for my wish list post! I am constantly looking to improve my small home with furniture that can do double duty or take up less space than my current furniture. Our home doesnt have much in the way of storage and I have found this really cute barstool table set! Isnt it adorable? We dont normally eat in the kitchen because its set up oddly but this would be fabulous for the rare occasions when we do! I love that the bar stools fit underneath, so cool! And its cheap too!

UPDATE: Sorry, I didnt want to write up a post just for this but you can get $20 free for a little while longer at Rue La La! They have some great designer stuff, some a little pricey but some great deals for the most part! The best part about the $20 credit is that you have until Dec. 31st to use it so you can sign up and use the credit toward a Christmas gift! Just click HERE and register then in a day or two the credit will be in your account! Happy shopping!
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