Thursday, June 3, 2010

OTWC #10, Mad Hatter Madness!!!

Hello everyone, we are at Challenge # 10! Wow, hard to believe it has been 10 weeks of great prizes! In honor of my 10th challenge I have something special planned for you! This week is going to be a little different from the normal challenge schedule so make sure you check back regularly! This week is Mad Hatter Madness!!! It is being hosted here and also at Mad Hatter Stamps where we have a lot of fun in store for you, there will be prizes added daily, PLUS the challenge prize!

Our theme for the week is one of my very favorites, Alice in Wonderland!!! Please make a card inspired by A.I.W and the same rules apply, if you would like to enter please become a follower of my blog, please post the inspiration with your entry and the link back here, only one entry per person and please make something with as close to the challenge theme as possible because if it is something that doesnt go with the theme, the post is old or the link takes me to something totally different it wont count! Also, all of my challenges are chosen at random, it is far too hard for me to pick a winner so everyone has a fair chance!

To play along in the scavenger hunt you must Find "Alice" on Mad Hatter Stamps. Alice will be no more than three clicks from the home page, that includes of course, The Madhatter Blog.

Alice may be the WORD or may be a PICTURE. There will be more than one and to keep the hunt fun . . . additional Alices and prizes will be added daily for the next four days. Some Alices do nothing, some my take you to a "Keep Trying" page, Some to a minor prize. The hunters will know when they win . . because when you click the correct Alice it is a LINK to the You Won the grand prize win page. Grand prize will be an Alice "Down the Rabbit hole Stamp Set".

All participants that participate in the hunt, and subscribe to the Hatters Blog and mine will be sent a "thank you" gift. How awesome is that!! Thank you Hatter!

Mad Hatter Stamps is a Vintage Stamp, Card and Collage art resource. New product lines are continuously added to to provide new and exciting items to enhance your creative abilities. Ancient Art sets, Roman, Greek and Egyptian stamps, as well as Aztec, Mexican, German, Italian, Finish, Italian are among the planned stamps sets to be released this year. Also, the product line will expand to provide more card kits, card stock, embellishments, inks, glue's, etc in the near future. Please subscribe to his blog, it will provide him a means to inform you as new product lines and contests are made available!

Hope you have fun playing and cant wait to see what you come up with!
P.S Challenge ends Thurs. the 10th at 10!


  1. That was fun, there are some real gems in terms of sentiments from the Alice & Wonderland crew.

  2. Love your card! This was fun and a great challenge. I love things that get me out of the "norm". Now off to mop a floor! I think I would rather make a card!

  3. Thanks for letting me play! I had lots of fun with this challenge :)