Monday, March 15, 2010

8 Followers to go!

Happy ALMOST St. Pattys Day! Only 8 more followers before I post the first challenge so hurry and tell your friends to add! Its great odds to win my blog candy!!! I personally LOVE St. Pattys day, mainly because its a holiday where you are meant to have fun and be carefree but also because I am absolutely DYING to go to Ireland! So... in honor of my obsession for beautiful scenery and cute little pubs I thought I would share some inspiration, the board is from HERE. The photo below is of the number one spot I would like to see in Ireland! Its called Giants Causeway and you can read about it HERE, Enjoy!


  1. Hiya! I want to go to Ireland too!!! And I have a blog candy giveaway to 50 followers too if you can spread the word! :) hope your doing great!

  2. Hi Kim,
    That is great news.. when I looked last night there was 10! I have put a post on my latest blog post... to help you out... :) Love that green inspiration! Awesome!
    Love Lou xx

  3. Gorgeous photos. I'm undecided as to whether I want to see Ireland or Scotland first...hmm....maybe both! :)

  4. The Giants Causeway is gorgeous. There is also the Bushmills distillery nearby which does tours and free shots of whiskey! If you ever go I recommend staying at the Bushmills Inn, the rooms are lovely and the bar is really cosy with peat fires. And the food is VERY nice!! x