Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caardvarks CARDS Magazine Challenge!

This was a last minute challenge so I wasnt really prepared. I had hoped for a damask stamp but just couldnt seem to find what I was looking for in stores today so went ahead and individually stamped the scrolls in a repeating pattern and used embossing. I drew and cut a template for the dress and cut it from cardstock. I know it is a simple card but I really like the color combination and simple is good sometimes :)


  1. love the card, really pretty and the colors are great too!

  2. Wow!!! you do the most beautiful cards!! Stunning!! Thanks for the blog love and your entry in the giveaway!:) Good Luck!
    I will definitely follow your blog too! I find cards so difficult....
    I see you are from the US... Totally amazing how a blog can so easily link you around the world... I am a bit blown away by it all atm.. lol! How did you find my blog.. just curious..:)

  3. Aww yours is so pretty! Love it! :) And love the colors too.

  4. Hi again Kim, hope you don't mind but I have left a link to your gorgeous blog in my new post... I was pretty blown away re how you found me... This whole thing blog thing is pretty exciting now I have finally gotton into it! lol!!!
    Thanks again,
    lou xx

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Copics... but sadly they stopped carrying them. :( Aww... Hopefully I will find a good deal somewhere. LOL. Yes I saw and ordered the new Papertrey buttons LOL... im a button hoarder :D *big grin* Dont u just LOVE your new KOTM? I LOVE IT! I really like Unity allot... I just went to the local SB store and got the Jan store KOTM. Its too cute! And thanks for the compliments... I appreciate them allot!! Have a great Hump Day! :D